To read, listen and watch

Hi there. Glad you are looking to improve your English skills. Here we have enclosed some interesting points where you can further explore in depth aspects of the English culture.

Reading and understanding are necessarily involved in any communication. To practice our reading and comprehension skills on the internet is easy. Majority of newspapers have an online version and so do magazines, radios, blogs, etc with no other cost than our time. In time you will easily spot style differences, specific vocabulary and probably some large amount of poetic licenses.

Surely there are words you will encounter which you are unaware of there meaning. Looking up the definition and writing it down is an excellent exercise for our memory. Years of teaching have proven that writing fixes in our brains much better than just the visual image.

Would you want to enlarge your vocabulary check out Word of the Day

Would you rather practice your listening instead? Fair enough. Choose your favourite singer and music style and try. Allow us suggest singers with clear pronunciation i.e. Louis Armstrong, Beatles, Jack Johnson, Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin, Suzanne Vega, Tracy Chapman, Ben Harper, Bob Dylan.

Still in doubt? Check the song lyrics online and find out! Several sites make available thousands of songs lyrics. It´s never been easier to learn and to sing!


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