Grammar rules and exceptions

Languages are arbitrary, in some cases reducing learning to a memorisation issue.
English grammar has not changed is some time now. Neither have its many exceptions. So here below you will find some places to consult, practice and learn what we thought were rigourous, complete and user-friendly sites and information.

TeachingEnglish is produced by the British Council with content and editorial support from the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC). Both organisations receive funding from the UK government for their work in promoting English, supporting English language teaching (ELT) and providing information and access to ELT products, services and expertise from the UK. All teaching material on the site is free to access.

Doubts? Not sure the expression you want to use is correct? Common Errors in English. Here we’re concerned only with deviations from the standard use of English as judged by sophisticated users such as professional writers, editors, teachers, and literate executives and personnel officers. The aim of this site is to help you avoid low grades, lost employment opportunities, lost business, and titters of amusement at the way you write or speak.

We will continue to post chunks of grammar or other useful sources we may find interesting for English students. Of course, would you require a more personalised assistance or would be interested in personal English courses do contact us at


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